Expert Engine Reconditioning in Bunbury

GTS Engine Reconditioning is located in Bunbury, Western Australia approximately 150km south of Perth. We are a family owned company who is dedicated to the industry and has been for two generations. With the building of our state of the art workshop and highly skilled employees, GTS is a highly respected and evolved company that you can always rely on for engine reconditioning in Bunbury and across WA as well as other needed services.

Cylinder Head Reconditioning and Other Services

We specialise in 5 distinct areas of engine reconditioning in Perth including:

  • Heavy Diesel Component Machining
  • Total Cylinder Head Reconditioning
  • Japanese Diesel Engine Exchange (4WD & Commercial vehicles)
  • Custom/Specialist Engine Machining & Reconditioning
  • Diesel Fuel injection/Turbo Charger Overhaul

*We also specialise in the supply of a wide range of parts including Brand New Cylinder Head Kits, Engine Rebuild Kits, Gasket Kits, Head Bolts, Crankshaft Bearings plus Replacement Flywheels & Clutches.

You will surely find that the services we offer can meet your needs and with our high level of craftsmanship and expert customer service. Our new workshop, which is slated to open later this year, will truly add to the level of service that we can offer from GTS. We will have the capabilities to specialise in 4WD and commercial vehicles as well as focus on welding and metal fabrication. Additionally we are installing a 5t overhead gantry system which will allow us to really focus on lifting and making light work out of heavy machinery. All of this was done in order to serve our clients in a more professional and focused way.

We are a country organisation but we deal state wide. We have loyal customers spanning the Kimberly region to the Gold Fields region & right throughout the South West of W.A. Our approach is honest, helpful & consistent and we back our work with a solid warranty that you can rely on.